Der Kunde

AdRight, founded under the AdPlex Media Group, works with thousands of selected publishers and advertisers to deliver true results to its clients. AdRight knows the advertising space like no other, serving a network of 500 Million ad impressions daily (wow!). Our client is a performance-based company; this is why they chose our team, to deliver measurable branding and web design results.

Unsere Rolle:

Branding, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, User Interface Design, Project Management, Front-end Development, Back-end Development.

Design Balance

The web design is contemporary, playful, yet builds trust in AdRight’s competence and performance results. A combination of drawn by hand graphic elements and lifestyle images compose the perfect brand voice for the company. Animations, moving graphics and pictograms direct the viewer’s focus towards key information and translate abstract algorithm notions into relevant business data.


Our Challenge: Engaging Two Audiences

AdRight’s in-house algorithm matches selected brands with niche publishers at a very competitive price. The team puts businesses in front of targeted clients and supplies publishers with advertising content that fits specific web traffic.

Informing two completely different client audiences at the same time is a crucial marketing challenge. AdRight’s website was designed to engage both advertisers and publishers. We were able to bring those two crowds together by showcasing a matchmaking design on the home page, while focusing on specific details in subsequent landing pages.

The WOW Effect

AdRight is a reliable and efficient company, way ahead of its competitors. We wanted to design a website that shows the brand in all its glory. We’ve spared no graphics or animations to obtain the wow effect AdRight deserves.

Did you notice the highlighted colors effect in the text? There are moving elements everywhere you look, but designed in a very subtle way to make space for the written information and key data.


Marketing Materials

Besides a fantastic web space, AdRight also enjoys branded business cards, newsletter templates, print materials, corporate folders and a brand guidebook designed by our team.


196 Countries
250 Hours development work
150M Unique
40K Conversions
6 Professionals
worked on this site