Der Kunde

Assiko is a leader in professional and consumer fireworks in Bulgaria. The company has years of experience creating fantastic pyro-shows. As a result, their catalogue caries spectacular arrangements of fireworks for both professionals and amateurs. The company also provides party items, decorations and consulting. There is no better entertainment organizer then Assiko.

Unsere Rolle:

Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Animation, Video Editing, User Interface Design, Project Management, Front-end Development, Back-end Development.

Alluring Website Design

Fireworks are loud and glorious. They shatter into thousands of sparks across the sky. Flickers of light dance, swirl, glitter and burst. But how to size shimmering sparks and code them online? In order to capture the dazzling nature of fireworks, our team designed a kaleidoscope of colors and animations.

Alice in Wonderland

Assiko is a dynamic company full of life. They do fireworks because they love it! They play with fire in the sky. Their childlike joy is what motivated the team to start the business. It is the same awe for magic that connected Assiko to eDesign. Our mission: create a fantastic, whimsical experience that makes people smile. And this is what we delivered, a world of transformation, colors and wonder. Follow the shades from one interface to the next. How far down the rabbit hole can you go?

Assiko Alice in wonderland image
Assiko image
Assiko burst of colors image

Burst of Colors

Colors, shapes and animations lead visitors across the site. It’s a labyrinth of changing layouts. A page will not twice look the same. The color layout is constantly updating itself, creating unpredictable illusions. The magic of transformation is fascinating. People stick around and explore more than any other website.

Assiko image
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Oh Yeah! is not a typical website design, but nor is the company an ordinary firm. On rare occasions, a corporate website calls for a touch of madness. This was one of those times; a unicorn assignment every designer dreams of. We loved working with Assiko’s team and are so happy that the site won multiple awards. Way to go, imagination!


Mobile Responsive
Back-End und Datebank Development
User Interface Design
Social Integrations

Fast Facts

520 Fireworks shows
150 Stunden spent coding animations
2 Language versions
2 Awards
4 Changing
interface colors
100K Satisfied
1 Mad Hatter
designed website’s layout
Assiko quote image

Our mission: create a fantastic, whimsical experience. Let’s ignite your fantasy!