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Die Crew is a well-known marketing house in Germany. With many years in business, the agency supports some of the biggest names on the German market. Die Crew offers business consulting, brand development, campaign planning, creation and implementation.

Unsere Rolle:

Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Animation, User Interface Design, Project Management, Front-end Development, Back-end Development.

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(the Wow Extravaganza)

Flickering boxes, changing colors and the invisible cool beat. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce you to DieCrew.com! A strong and bold design for a strong and bold and talented agency. We chose a card layout for a simple reason- not one project of Die Crew resembles the next. The brands the agency works with are complex, colorful and very unique. This is why we are featuring each page, each project, and each client in its own separate world.

We’ve designed units of information totally unrelated and visually separate from one-another. Each “box” leads you to a separate part of the website and opens up a brand new story. Yet the whole design is harmonious and blends well together. Like Die Crew’s agency, the website offers multiple flavors and many skills under the same roof of ingenuity, business balance and beauty.

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Yelling Colors and Animations

DieCrew.com is a blend of solid colors, simplified forms, and straight to the point information. If in the last few years, clean concepts have been the main focus in corporate websites, designers around the world are now trying to bring back electric colors to the drawing table. We are among the initiators of this trend. Inspired by Andy Warhol, we love playing with color dissonance. Die Crew’s design is edgy, advanced, dramatic and captures the personality of the agency: “forward thinking”.

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State of the Art Back-End Programing

Die Crew’s team requested freedom. The freedom to create pages, blog posts and case studies. They wanted the absolute flexibility to build every future page of their website as a unique design without using outside help. Our mission: “code endless possibilities in order to generate unique concepts at a touch of a button with zero coding experience”. Sounds impossible?! Just keep on reading!

Site-Builder Within the Site

Die Crew does not have in-house developers, yet they wanted the ability to create content by themselves without being limited to a particular design. The answer? Create a boutique site builder in the administration panel of their site that is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. We rolled our sleeves and spent several months coding a colossal project. Our efforts paid off. Each case study Die Crew designs is a site by itself. Unique designs, color palettes, look and feel. Each new page is also automatically generated to be mobile responsive without technical knowledge from Die Crew’s team.

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If your website is not mobile responsive, you are missing out on huge opportunities online. Being “mobile” is not just a function of users’ screen and resolution- it’s about the fact that your fans are on the go. Die Crew was a (very!) difficult project from a coding perspective. Yet the site looks flawless on any mobile device. We’re so proud of our back-end programmers, they make magic happen.


Mobile Responsive
Back-End und Datebank Development
Social Integrations
User Interface Design


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A strong, bold design for a strong, bold and talented agency.
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