Frost King

Der Kunde

Frost King is the #1 brand of DIY home improvement products. From weatherstripping, to pipe/duct insulation, floor and carpet trim, Frost King is available at more than 10,000 hardware stores in the US and at many retailers worldwide.

Unsere Rolle:

Web Design, User Experience, Front and Back-end Development, Project Management, SEO, Social Media Planning and Execution.

The Assignment

Our team had the honor to work with Frost King on redesigning their existing website. Our task: rethink the user experience and user pathways. We wanted to build a site that is intuitive and helpful to Frost King’s audience. Unlike most product sites, our focus was not on advertising merchandise. We aimed at demonstrating how to use Frost King’s DIY products, and promote home insolation tips and tricks. The website was planned as an ad-on to Frost King’s merchandise. It is meant to be useful and add value for customers. We trumped the marketing logic for quality support.

You see, Frost King’s audience doesn’t come online to learn about the brand. Users visit the site to watch “how to” videos and look for help, advice and new ideas.


Tone of Voice

The design process immersed our team in a modern concept and beautiful lifestyle images. The real estate on the homepage was key to creating bright, open spaces that bring the focus on specific products and content. The final result- a stylish, yet casual vision that expresses the essence of the brand. It’s all about great family times in a home filled with warmth.

The Frost King House

Our team spent time to plan Frost King’s UI and UX carefully to fit in the huge portfolio of products. The site was built for efficiency and usefulness. Within seconds from landing on the home page, visitors are redirected to the information they are looking for. Even the tool bar emphasizes “support”, leaving the “about us” section at the end of the menu.

The brand is embracing customer love and focusing on problem solving. Hence, the visual Frost King house helping fix 15 of most problematic areas in a home. Customers can click on any household surface to discover ways of improving their home.



Mobile Responsive
Back-End und Datebank Development
E-Commerce Development
Shopping Card und Merchant Processing
Social Integrations
User Interface Design


Fast Facts

10K+ Stores
sell Frost King
9 eDesign experts worked on the project
60+ Years in business
400 Happy thoughts of winter fun and snowball fights
2000 Products to save you from the cold

Social Media Content

Our team was very excited to work on Frost King’s social media content. We were inspired to design a soft and comforting home atmosphere. A “home sweet home” kind of feeling. We aimed at designing every post as an invitation to fall in love with winter again through heart-warming visuals and intimate copywriting.


Q & A

We’ve made finding content so easy! Each product comes with answered questions, links to further instructions and “how to” information. Users can check where to buy items in their area and locate the nearest store.

The eDesign team helped us reshape our website and social media presence recently, and we are beyond happy with the results. The design process was very smooth with constant communication between our teams. Going forward the same is said about their understanding of our business but also our customers. Having a partner that can take the work they’ve done, but see how it can theme our vision, positioning and perspective for years to come in our industry is truly special. Our new site is beautiful and provides a better user experience for our visitors for years to come.
Ted Gerstein

Director of Digital Marketing