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Established 17 years ago, MBS ATA provides bookkeeping, accounting technology integration, and CFO reporting. The firm helps businesses grow by consolidating their financial information (inventory, payroll, merchant account, e-commerce CRM) and streamlining their reporting workflow.

Unsere Rolle:

Web Design, User Experience, Front and Back-end Development, Project Management, Copywriting, SEO.

Corporate Look with a Twist

Designing a corporate website isn’t easy. In most cases, corporate presentations need to be focused, stable and business-like (a bit “boring”). With MBS ATA, we’ve aimed at creating a business look that is down to earth, yet stylish. We’ve added subtle animations, custom-made graphics and a fun way to display the team.

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Smart Call to Action

MBS ATA asked us to design a very simple website. A couple of pages explaining who they are and what they do. After analyzing their needs, it was clear that the biggest accent of the site should be placed on inviting businesses to connect directly with the firm. MBS ATA offers consultation for new clients free of charge. It was important for our team to include a contact form on every section of the site without being pushy or spamming visitors. The free consultation form appears 15 times on the site, yet it is very discreet and smartly situated.

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Big Footer(er)

We know from experience that users interested in your services will scroll down to the end of a page (no matter how deep the bottom is). If no links in the footer take them somewhere else, they will simply leave your site instead of scrolling back up.

To keep traffic on MBS ATA’s site, our team designed a very large footer area. The idea is to keep visitors engaged and informed in every section of the site. Clients can easily find MBS’ contact details, request a free consultation or sign up for monthly updates.

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Clever Resources Section

To make MBS ATA’s content easily accessible, we designed a “Resources” page that refers visitors to the blog, press, case studies, white papers and events all at the same time. How? By building the section as a simple search page and organizing categories in a visual grid mosaic. Looking for the right information happens with a click of a finger.
MBS ATA has very interesting case studies listed here. Have you read them yet? Fascinating to learn about different strategies to expand a business, reduce taxes and get financial accounts under control. Worth having a look!

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Content Marketing and
SEO Optimization

As part of the scope of this project, our team has created all MBS ATA blog content to date. We get to know our clients intimately; we research their history, industry, market positioning, and competition. Once done, we have all the information on hand to help with copywriting, content creation and social media reach.
MBS ATA’s site is further optimized for SEO. We have spent meticulous efforts to boost the site with accounting terms and Meta data for the benefit of organic search engine optimization.

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Did you Know?

We’ve designed the site in blue. The color follows MBS ATA’ corporate branding, but also conveys credibility, focus and power.
A reason why blue is such a popular color among corporations is that nearly everyone can distinguish blue as a color. While reds and greens are difficult to see for people with color-vision deficiency.

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Fast Facts

15 Calls to action on the site
17 Years of accounting success
2 Office locations
8 eDesign professionals worked
on the project
8 Top solution
providers partner
with MBS ATA
320 cups
of coffee boosted
the design phase
I am extremely happy with eDesign and would recommend them to any company looking for web development and digital advertising. The team does fantastic work and will guide your marketing efforts towards creating beautiful campaigns that bring results.

— Mark Gilbert, CEO and Founder