Der Kunde

OfficeSuite is an award winning mobile app for editing of any type of office documents and attachments. With over 300 million active users from over 195 countries worldwide, OfficeSuite is a leading app in Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, and Samsung Apps. The mobile app has been featured as a Google Play Editor's Choice, PC Magazine's Editor's Choice and InfoWorld's Best Office App for Android. OfficeSuite was developed by MobiSystems, an American corporation.

Unsere Rolle:

Web Design, User Experience, Front and Back-end Development, User Interface Design, Branding, Project Management, Animations.

Establishing the Brand

We’ve started the project in parallel to designing a website for OfficeSuite’s developer, MobiSystems. The pressure was on: creating the right color palettes, shapes, fonts and ton of voice not only for the mother brand, but also for OfficeSuite. In collaboration with MobiSystems’s team, we’ve identified their audience, refined the branding image and lay down our goals.


One Picture Summarizes the Whole Story

It was important to convey the functionality of OfficeSuite in a simple graphic. One visual image that tells the whole story. The faster users understand the value proposition, the quicker we can direct them towards choosing a subscription plan.

Strategic Thinking

Web design is not just art. It involves a whole collection of skills- from typography and layouts, to clever marketing and user paths that help visitors complete a desired call to action. OfficeSuite’s website is an example of strategic design fused with the business goals of the brand. Creating the right corporate look is about crafting an interface that is easy to use and communicates immediately. To build a lasting business footprint, we’ve focused on simplicity and user experience, rather than artistic trends.


All Eyes On the Plans

The design introduces the available purchasing options upfront. This is the most important accent of the page. The plans draw attention immediately, even before visitors have had the chance to discover what OfficeSuite is all about. Most sites tend to talk about the product first and feature prices later. We went about it the other way around for a reason: transparency. We are creating notoriety and trust by diving into OfficeSuite’s value proposition right away. We are also saving download time for people already familiar with the app. Scrolling down, the site is built as a simple, yet elegant strategy that communicates OfficeSuite’s performance and benefits. It also features some of the prominent partners, awards and honors.

Humbled and Honored

Yes. MobiSystems is a giant. They can easily select any digital studio in the world, yet they chose us. What an honor. We are so excited about our collaboration with this amazing developer and so grateful for their trust. We loved playing a small part in MobiSystems’ presence online.


Mobile Responsive
User Interface Design



200 Countries
use OfficeSuite
100k New users daily
300M App Installs
4 App plans
320 Cups of coffee
Creating the right corporate look is about crafting an interface that is easy to use and communicates immediately.
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