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TutorExtra is a platform that connects users with classes, learning centers, babysitters, daycare centers, trainers, and sports centers around the US. TutorExtra lists thousands of experts in more than 900 topics. The website is the quickest and easiest way to connect with a tutor in your area.

Unsere Rolle:

Branding, Web Design, User Experience.

Design for Easy Access

The most difficult part of our task was to build a site map that is easy to use and creates an instant connection with new users. Meeting customers’ expectations and delivering tailored information is a game changer in digital marketing. But designing simplicity is not always easy. We’ve started with a serious research of TutorExtra’s audiences (both tutors and users), firm’s competitors and market positioning. We wanted to give users a customized experience and intuitive browsing on any device. We took something very complex and modeled it into a simple, stylish design.


New Logo

We started the rebranding process with a new logo design. The symbol is clean and modern and can be easily adjusted to any background and resolution size. The logo is memorable and pleasing on the eye. TutorExtra has new color palettes, selected to create a strong presence online.



TutorExtra is a fabulous platform with thousands of users, however the company was struggling to find the best way to display their unique value proposition. All that was needed was a little boost of their brand image and online reach.

If in the past branding was defined by your logo and a slogan, today’s branding process must include your business DNA, customer experience, and user interface design. To convey a strong business that generates referrals, we wrapped TutorExtra into a concept that is easy to use, delivers a clear message, establishes credibility and creates user loyalty.


Mobile First

The community of TutorExtra lives online. This is why it was crucial to design an intuitive experience and organize the platform for users on the go. It was decisive for our team to get to know TutorExtra’s audience (both tutors and users) in order to display what is most important to them. Designing a full-size website for a small screen means reducing the information to the bare bone of what customers are looking for. It boils down to prioritizing the most important business message and the most essential web features. Mobile First = Content First= User First


Mobile Responsive
Back-End und Datebank Development
E-Commerce Development
Shopping Card und Merchant Processing
Social Integrations
User Interface Design



900+ Topics %to choose from
45 Stunden of mobile design
50K Tutors to connect with
40 Stunden research of TutorExtra's competitors
4 Shades of green
An elegant concept with bold undertones. Built to serve both B2B and B2C requirements.