Walter Wheels

Der Kunde

Walter Wheels builds the finest, lightweight performance wheels in their class. Designed in Germany, the wheels are safety certified, X-Ray inspected, TÜV Rheinland certified and weight optimized. They are the ultimate driving force in a gorgeous design.

Unsere Rolle:

Web Design, User Experience, Front and Back-end Development, Project Management, User Interface Design, Photography Manipulation, Animations, Moving Graphics.

The Valkyrie Legend

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into a brand. And what better story then an authentic one? It all began with Walter’s dream to create a diamond cut, lightweight, high performance forged wheels. Walter, Founder of Walter Wheels, wanted to embrace the Valkyrie’s code- the Nordic Goddess who chooses who would live, and who would die. How is that for a business inspiration? From the technical drawings, to the first prototype, selecting high quality materials, serious testing and TUV certifications, Walter’s homepage tells you a story. Better, it calls a legend back to life.

Dramatic Design

We chose a bold and strong concept. This “in your face” approach speaks instantly to car lovers. Through striking images and colors, we wanted to create a sense of fearlessness, courage and adventure. Those are all components of brand’s ton of voice. A red and black color palette brings elegance to the design, while custom photography manipulation builds audaciousness on the foreground.

VP Brands clean design image

Strategic Approach

Our biggest challenge with Walter Wheels came from the start-up operations of the company. Walter Wheels is a new corporation with needs for branding, market positioning and a suitable ton of voice.

Every skill on the table

We put our marketing team on the line to find the best ways to advertise the brand. We researched communication strategies, we investigated several markets in Europe, we sketched ideas and conducted targeted surveys to design Walter’s value proposition the most profitable way.


Mobile Responsive
Back-End und Datebank Development
User Interface Design



3 Language
2 Valkyrie Goddesses featured in the design
4 Forged wheel types
3 Marketing strategists worked on the brand
1 Legend comes to life
The ultimate driving force in a gorgeous design. Walter’s homepage tells you a story. Better, it calls a legend back to life.